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2020-2021 Cycle

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Hi quick question for those that received interview invite for November do you mind sharing if your GPA was lower than a 3.75? 

My stats are also lower than 3.75! My cGPA is 3.56, sGPA of 3.6. I wouldn’t be discouraged if you have a lower GPA as Duke notoriously accounts for unique personal experiences and extracurricular activities. There’s still time, stay positive!
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3 hours ago, RDtoPAhopeful said:

For those of you who received November interviews, when did you apply? And do we know if there will be another round of interviews after?

Thanks and congrats!

I applied 6/22. From previous years it looks like there are 4 rounds of interviews and it seems November is the second round so there should be 2 more left.

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Guest wildalaska
42 minutes ago, KLRPrePA said:

Is there anyone else that has not heard anything back yet?

I haven’t heard a thing either and I applied mid-May, at this point I’m expecting a rejection, but I’ve already been accepted elsewhere so my feelings are neutral haha!

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