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2020-2021 Application Cycle

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On 8/5/2020 at 2:49 PM, mands said:

Mine def maxed out the word count to the very best. I felt like being local to the school (not that it matters) has taught me so much about the injustices, culture, etc. about the local communities. I wish they gave me more words! 

I tried to keep mine around 300-400 words. I figured they'd get bored reading my life story after reading a million others. I did try to show my passion for working in underprivileged communities and holistic healthcare. Also I was born and raised in Chicago, but im from out of state so hopefully that's a bonus.

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Guest Jonascdn
Received an interview invite last night. EEEP. I received my under review email 7/6 if that helps anyone.

Congrats!! I hope you get it. I’m happy they are finally sending out invites.

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Science GPA: 3.6

Overall GPA:  3.67



HCE: 688 Hours

Shadowing: 40 Hours 

GRE: Verbal- 152, Quantitative - 156, Writing: 3

Three letters of recs: one from a PA, neurosurgeon, and plastic surgeon 


verified - 6/12/20

application review email received - 6/23/20


My stats are average I believe, but super excited to have an interview opportunity!

27 minutes ago, juuuuuuuulia said:

Hi!! Do you mind sharing your stats?


7 minutes ago, hwhite42 said:

When did you submit your application/ receive your under review status?


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2 hours ago, kforpa said:

I am the epitome of average stats wise, ha.

cGPA: 3.49

sGPA: 3.43

PCE: 3,360

HCE: 480

Vol: ~240

Shadow: 20 (def weak point)

I took the GRE after I submitted and got a 307 but did not send it since they said they would not look at it.

Congrats! When did you apply?

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