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On 12/4/2020 at 4:16 PM, Tejal said:

Hi! Hope y'all are doing well. 

On the UTSW portal, does everyone just have GRE scores on the status checklist, a thank you message for applying on communications, and the residency questionnaire completed? 

I was verified on 7/28 and they received GRE scores on 8/12. Anyone have a similar timeline, and any response? 


HI! I'm in the same boat, I e-mailed them today and they said they are still reviewing applications for their next two interviews in January.

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Just got the acceptance call!!! I’m on a cloud ☺️ Best of luck to those waiting by the phone and the ones interviewing next week. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the class🥳

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to bring a new perspective. We are more than just our stats! Try to focus less on that 😊Yes that’s something schools look at for academic success, but UTSW (and other scho

I got the call last night that I got accepted! Excited to meet all of my future classmates! 🙂  Application submission date: July 13th, 2020 Interview offer: January 20th, 2021 Interview

34 minutes ago, VyLanHo said:

I believe they do! Just send them an email to see! They may be having two in Jan, so they will probably reschedule you for the later one. 

Thanks, i think i’ll find a way to do it that date regardless..idk the email makes it seems like it wouldn’t be too convenient for them lol

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I think depending on the amount of acceptances they're sending out, they'll send out a few over the next few days and then probably next week have a mass day of accept/rejects for everyone that has interviewed this cycle and not heard back yet.

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21 hours ago, rpdmorm said:

Just got the acceptance call!!! I’m on a cloud ☺️ Best of luck to those waiting by the phone and the ones interviewing next week. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the class🥳

Congrats!!! I can imagine it was the best feeling ever getting that call! ☺️ Can I ask when you interviewed if its okay??

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