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13 minutes ago, FuturePA1223 said:

So the welcome letter and under review email are two different emails? I also have that same timeline!

I believe the welcome letter is pretty much the "you're under review email."

It said "The next step in the application process is our review of your application file for interview consideration. Once the review has been completed, an email containing your admission status will be sent. Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we request that you do not contact us regarding the status of your application, you will be notified immediately when a decision has been made. The review process can take anywhere from four to eight weeks depending on the number of applications under review at that time."

So I'm assuming that according to this time frame, we should expect a response soon. 🙂

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Yeah Im not too thrilled about the whole online interviews, and I know its cliche to say this but just be yourself. Theres so many articles online telling you how to act and how to answer certain ques

I called admissions last week and spoke with Stacy who was super helpful. I had called not to ask about my status but to ask when we can expect to here back considering it’s been 16 weeks for me since

Got accepted to the program. Interviewed on 7/27, got my offer on 8/4.

12 minutes ago, Fmmm530 said:

I just received an interview for Rush on Sep.16th! Applied 5/30, verified 6/1. Good luck everyone! 

Ahh!! Me too!! I'm super stoked! I applied 5/25 and received confirmation on 6/1.

I'm a non-traditional student with a less-than-stellar undergrad GPA - so there is hope out there for you non-trad folks out there! Best of luck to you all! 

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1 hour ago, StephenPA said:

rush verified 6/1 and no word. I know they say to not reach out but given how long it has been is it ok to email them or no?

I think it has been long for most people who have not heard back from them. If they said not to reach out to them, I would personally recommend not reaching out. 

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Guest Paapp20202021
8 hours ago, PAlizard said:

Got an email on the 2nd saying I was waitlisted for an interview at Rush. No biggie, I've got an acceptance elsewhere, but I'm glad I finally heard back! I applied 06/14 and got the welcome email on 06/17. Good luck everyone!

Did you email and decline being on the interview waitlist?

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