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2020-2021 LHU Application Cycle

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Just now, PrePALife0987 said:

I'm from 8/19 as well and haven't heard anything. I did not get an email about being on hold either, so I have no idea what this means lol. 

Yeah its weird since we were the first group lol and a ton of people from 9/14 have heard. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted though and I am rooting for those "on Hold"!!

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17 hours ago, yoknell said:

To everyone that got accepted, what were your two choices? For those that are on hold, don't lose hope! Good luck. For those that have been rejected, do not be discouraged. You will go exactly where you're meant to be.

I chose Lock Haven and Harrisburg. Coudersport sounds really interesting but may be a little too rural for me since I'm coming from a city.

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Hi everyone!! I was accepted 9/18 and interviewed 8/20 in the afternoon session. Congrats to everyone who has been excepted, and anyone waiting to hear back don’t lose hope 🤗 I was just curious if anyone had gotten their official email of acceptance yet? Can’t wait to meet everyone, I’m so excited to get started!

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6 hours ago, Pa98173jd said:

I dont know much about Pennsylvania but is the nonresidential cost of LHU fair? I believe the website estimates about 110k whereas a resident tuition is about 90k. Also does anyone know if I could apply for residency during clinical year? 

Seems like the numbers you are getting are from tuition and total living expenses. Tuition is ~62K for in state and ~84K for out of state. Lock Haven is one of my top choices and one of the reasons is it is a great program with very affordable tuition comparatively. I'm a resident of PA though. Some state schools like Penn State are cheaper for out of state (~75K) but in state students pay the same price which is a bummer.

And I believe it takes 12 months to establish residency in PA but someone at Lock Haven may be able to better answer if you would be eligible since I'm sure they've dealt with the situation plenty of times before.

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On 9/19/2020 at 11:15 AM, lg215 said:

I think there is a really good chance to get an acceptance if you are on hold. In my interview, they specifically mentioned that there are acceptances, denials, and holds after the interview and that most people are put on hold but later offered acceptances. Crossing my fingers for you!

Ah! I do remember them saying a lot would be put on hold! I really hope so thank you! 

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Current LH student here: Just to let you guys know to help with your decision making, LH does not have enough clinical rotation sites for the students currently in the program. Majority of the clinical year students are not on rotations yet due to the lack of sites. The year behind us will be graduating late as well now that the class of 2021 is no longer graduating by May. They lost over 53% of their clinical sites in the past 12 months and have not found more sites to compensate. They also have failed to communicate with students and tell them that they even have rotations. I personally didn't know I had a rotation until my preceptor asked why I never showed up. 

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