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On 9/8/2020 at 1:50 PM, juuuuuuuulia said:

I received my confirmation email that my application was under review on June 7th.

I have not yet received a confirmation email either.
As for my stats:
Patient Care Experience: ~1,500 (working as a medical assistant in an OBGYN)
Shadowing: 47 total, (only 30 of these hours are shadowing PAs, the rest are docs)
Volunteer: 149
Healthcare Experience: 200
Teaching Experience: 224
Research: 1478 (2 year organic synthesis research project)
Leadership Experience: 116
Non-Healthcare Experience: 360
Total GPA: 3.95 (graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Biochemistry)
Science GPA: 3.87
5 LOR:
1) PA from the OBGYN practice I am in a medical assistant at
2) Research advisor
3) Bio professor
4) Women and Gender studies professor
5)Office manager at OGBYN practice
GRE: 316 total and 5.0 on writing
I am also certified as an EMT-B, even though I have not worked in the field because I took a job as a medical assistant instead

OMG my stats are SO similar! I still haven't submitted my supplemental because I got an interview at George Washington, and I'm trying to save the $100 if I get in there... I might go ahead and submit depending on how my interview goes this weekend. Congrats to everyone with interviews!

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Just got the acceptance call!!! Interviewed 9/15!!!

I just received an acceptance call as well!! Very excited! Best of luck to you all!

accepted as well!!! I am so honored!

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8 minutes ago, Csrierson said:

That’s great! If you don’t mind me asking, when did you submit?

This was my timeline: 

CASPA submitted: 5/15

Confirmation of CASPA received + supplemental info: 5/29

Supplemental submitted: 6/1 (and notified that supplemental was received on 6/2)

Interview invite: 9/5 for the 9/15 interview slot

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9 hours ago, futurepa764 said:

Just curious, what are y’all’s thoughts on IBL?

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I really like IBL format. My major in undergrad had a similar method of teaching and I found it to be really helpful in the long run. It's exciting to research your way to seeing the full picture of whatever it is your learning about. However, I do really enjoy solving problems and thinking my way through situations so that helps when it comes to this method of learning.

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3 minutes ago, oxyjen said:

I got an interview invite today! Super happy and excited. Haven’t chosen a date but I’ll read everyone’s advice on this thread.

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Congratulations! What was your timeline for submitting everything and receiving the confirmation email that your application was under review? 

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1 hour ago, zag263 said:

Congratulations! What was your timeline for submitting everything and receiving the confirmation email that your application was under review? 

Thank you!

Submitted CASPer 06/05

Submitted CASPA 06/07

CASPA received/verified by WF and received secondary app 6/11 

Submitted GRE 06/13 (believe it was marked as received by WF on CASPA within a week)

Submitted supplemental and received email that app was in queue for review 06/25

Received a call today 9/15 for an interview invite, never received an email that my app was officially under review

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20 hours ago, karen182222 said:

Interviewing 9/30! So excited!!!


21 hours ago, ChelseaAlfonso said:

Received a call today for an interview on 9/30 very excited Wake is an incredible program !!

I also received my interview confirmation for 9/30! Excited to see you two and other prospective students. : ) I'm in the PST zone so it'll be early for me.

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1 hour ago, Skylar said:

Does anyone know if the technology check the night before the interview is with faculty / other students or is it just on your own? I will be out of town the night before and was just wondering if I need to bring some business casual clothes on my trip! Thanks in advance! 

If anyone interviewing on 10/6 wants to connect, message me! I'd love to meet other interviewees 🙂

I believe it's with faculty! But definitely do not need to wear business clothes or anything. It's more just a brief check to make sure your video and camera work before the interview. Not everyone who was in my interview group was able to attend the technology check, so I'm not even sure if it's 100% mandatory or not!

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