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Just got the acceptance call!!! Interviewed 9/15!!!

I just received an acceptance call as well!! Very excited! Best of luck to you all!

accepted as well!!! I am so honored!

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32 minutes ago, prepa523 said:

Got pulled off the active applicant list today!!! So so excited to be joining y’all. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear! 

🎉Congrats! Hoping they will continue to pull off the active applicant list as time goes on.  Happy with my current choice (and blessed to have choices!) but still holding out hope for Wake 🙂

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I just got offered an interview for Jan 25 also!!! For anyone who has already interviewed, how does the panel interview go? Is it just you and multiple faculty and how does it run? Also what group activities are involved?

I appreciate any info at all on the process. Anything helps!! 🙂

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Hi everyone! For those that interviewed today, it was wonderful to virtually meet y'all 🙂

Good luck to all of those interviewing this month! We are not allowed to disclose any information regarding the interview - but just be yourself and enjoy the process! 

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I recently interviewed with WF and had questions regarding the clinical curriculum. From interviewing this cycle, I realized that while certain programs were part of large urban academic medical centers for their didactic year, it was common to turf students to the suburbs/rural areas at "non-affiliated" clinics/hospitals/etc during the clinical year. IMO, that was a significant turnoff. A major attraction to WF was and is having a major teaching hospital/level 1 trauma center in Winston-Salem. I reviewed the clinical documentation and there's mention of one mandatory rotation there but also details on rotations up to 50 miles away.

Overall, what's the story with the Wake clinical year? For individuals who want various options at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, are they truly available? Is inpatient experience available besides EM (ex: inpatient IM, inpatient peds, etc).

I know this is one of the original PA programs and they are highly ranked; however, your feedback would be helpful.

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Has anyone on the waitlist been accepted or denied recently?  I was placed on the waitlist back in September and I'm losing hope 😞 I am assuming they may get back to everyone at the end of the interview process, which I think is next week? Or do they interview in Feb too?


Thanks everyone.

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