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We made it do December everyone! Also I really appreciate everyone being so positive and encouraging and I think is a good reflection on how and who UCD is choosing their candidates 😄  Now we wait about two weeks or so...

Im curious if anyone that submitted their supplemental early, if transcripts have been uploaded? Trying to gage about how long it will take for the red x's to disappear. 

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On 11/28/2020 at 2:09 PM, Delanie said:

Hey guys! First year PA student here! I like to check up on this thread every once in awhile to see how you all are doing! I know I was very anxious this time last year. I saw some posts about an email kind of extending offers...I’ve never heard of such a thing during my year from anyone. It may be a new thing due to covid or those who got them in my class and the years before were silent about them. I’m not sure but please do not get discouraged if you did not receive one. Not only do a lot of people get accepted, but a lot of people drop their offers in the months leading up to the program. I know of people who got accepted in the two weeks before we started. DO NOT LOSE HOPE. Kill your supplementals. Due to a lot of people receiving them, they are very important! I’m here if you have any questions! 

Thank you for emphasizing this. Not going to lie I got kind of discouraged after realizing that I did not receive an "offer" email. Thanks for keeping us hopeful. Best of luck to everyone!

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3 hours ago, bobafordays said:

I also saw on previous cycles that people have gotten accepted with scholarships. I thought they weren't offered until we get accepted. Has anyone applied for any scholarships through their PA program?


I believe the scholarship is awarded to every accepted student. During the interview, they mentioned that the SON receives funds from generous donors, which makes it possible for all students to receive some type of aid with tuition (scholarship). 

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6 minutes ago, Jessag3 said:

Does anyone know when we can start expecting to hear back from admission? Is it mid-December? 

I think any time before end of December but looking at past years I’m thinking the 2nd or 3rd Friday of the month. I feel like it’s going to be around the 18th

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57 minutes ago, biopsyd said:

Just checking in, does everyone still have red Xs on their graduate application? 
I’m wondering if they will be importing our transcripts first before sending out updates. 😬

I think I remember seeing that it may take up to four weeks AFTER the deadline for the transcripts to be uploaded. That would be at the end of December so I'm pretty sure we will hear back before the transcripts are imported. 

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