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I have to agree with the comment on diversity. If that is your mission, you shouldn't make accessibility difficult for these groups of people and also show diversity in your cohorts. Many programs cla

Has anyone applied that has not heard anything yet? 

I emailed the program regarding when interviews will be sent out and they said  "Interview invitations will not be sent until December 2020."  Looks like we will be waiting for a while!

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11 hours ago, ProspectivePAstudent said:

Invited to interview January 30th. I submitted my application Oct. 1st. 

Do you guys know how many of us are they interviewing and how many do they accept? 


It looks like they try to accept around 27 students based off of their previous cohorts.

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On 9/16/2020 at 8:09 AM, prepa6654 said:

Hi there, have family members in financial aid sector. Yes, this is true - essentially it will continue to accrue interest over time once you have signed up for the loan and the first disbursement is made. Now if it is a federal loan, those loans interest rate normally stay stagnant at the same rate over time. Any other loans such as private student loans or whichever one you take out, they will depend on the market in terms of the interest rate - this will depend on what you agree to take out and their terms of contract.

It's very valid to believe that interest will accrue during school because most loan agreements will state that interest will accrue once the first disbursement of the loans are made. 🙂🙂

I normally go to this page for all my questions regarding loans and federal student aid.  https://studentaid.gov/


Also, their website states the following for 20/21 so im assuming it will be a little more including the second year and tuition increases annually:  http://med.stanford.edu/pa/tuition.html


Based on if you are living on campus or off campus, it will be that times 2 because this only shows 4 quarters, and the program is a total of 9 quarters. 

Example would be (Living Off  Campus) is $132,033 x 2 = $264,066  + (accruing interest for the entire 9 quarters after first disbursement for that specific loan is made)  which will come out to closer to $300,000. I wanted to be a little more exact because I am not sure where the $300k is coming from but $264,066 is not $300k. 

You will most likely get a financial aid/loan entry interview and also an exit interview/session because they need to make sure you understand what you are borrowing and are aware how much you actually will owe and you can also always call their financial aid office for more info.

financialaid@stanford.edu , 650-723-3058

Hope this was helpful!

Hey all, I know this has already been discussed thoroughly in this forum, but I'm not understanding where the above table came from. On their website they have the below table which would mean that total tuition (for 9 quarters) would be closer to $170,000, not $300,000. I don't know if I'm correct, am I missing something? Thanks!



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