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I found my one on one to be very conversational and relaxed. My interviewer asked personal questions regarding my application and clearly had experiences that she wanted to touch upon with me at some

Just received an invitation for an interview today, Very excited!  

GUYS. I JUST GOT THE CALL! Interviewed for the dual PA/MPH program July 6 and 14! So excited to join you all!!! It's been a long time coming for me! Applied, interviewed and was waitlisted at 2 school

33 minutes ago, Luckylucy555 said:

Kind of out of place, Applied 5/26 

7/7 - Received an email stating my application was complete and moved forward to PA committee. 

Radio silence since, anyone else in this boat or just me 

Same here

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4 hours ago, prepa6282020 said:

does anyone whose had a later interview recall how many students were present during your asynchronous interview? I think there were about 25 in my interview which was the first block- just curious if all groups are about the same size or if less people are interviewing as time goes on

About 25-30 in the second block

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On 8/7/2020 at 6:28 PM, Luckylucy555 said:

Fingers crossed for us- i emailed them to see whats going on. Will let u know if theres response 

A little update from tufts, received an email stating that my application is under review by the committee. Since i did submit my application in may I was nervous but because my transcript only went through in june i understand the delay  

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