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University of Utah 2020-21 Application cycle!

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Lol same here! I have a night shift and haven’t been able to go to sleep because  I keep waking up because I’m anxious [emoji23] 
I just need to know. I’m so excited but so scared after seeing last years stats 

I agree!!!! Well I’m here in UT and it’s almost three... I’m going to resort to hearing next week. I’m so nervous because it would be amazing to get an interview at the U... I just know how competitive due to how awesome their program is! Crossing my fingers for everyone!!!!

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Hello friends!  I'm a current first year PA student at UPAP! I just wanted to hop on here real quick and let you guys know about a resource for the application cycle. We have an email account set

Just wanted to add i feel like this has been the most positive forum I’ve been on thus far (this school). So i hope you guys are my classmates cause this is what we need during this!!

I just received an email from admissions. They said we should hear something hopefully by tomorrow, certainly by this weekend. Good luck fellow applicants, wishing the best for us all[emoji3590] Sen

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11 minutes ago, pathgirl20 said:

Q: What's worse than waiting to find out if you got an interview?

A: Being on the alternate list and having to wait even longer to find out if you get a chance. (happened to me last year)

I feel you everyone!  Hang in there! 🙂

Oh that sounds terrible! I'm sorry. All good things to those who wait though right? Did you get picked up last year? 

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7 minutes ago, PaLiz2021 said:

I’m almost 40 and I loved seeing the 65 also. I’m a little nervous though because I do not see any accepted from my undergrad area of study. 

What did you get your undergrad in, because that's how I feel. I studied Writing and Rhetoric Studies!

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Guest wildalaska

Just received an invitation to interview on November 20, 2020 - I will be declining my interview invite as I have already been accepted elsewhere. Best of luck to everyone interviewing and to those still waiting!

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just got my rejection too, but hopeful about other programs!

I want to add that I had a friend last year who got an interview invite after being rejected! I assume from those who declined. stay positive! If not this year (if not this program), your time will come! It’s a numbers game! 

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