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Hello everyone! My name is Camille and I am currently a first year student in the Marist PA program.   Congrats to everyone who was offered an interview! You all are going to do amazing! I have c

Hi guys! My name is Maria and I'm also a first year at Marist! Like Camille said, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have because we understand how stressful the application proc

Received my acceptance call today! Best of luck to everyone!! I think Marist does a great job of looking at applications holistically. I did not have the strongest sGPA or the highest amount of P

4 hours ago, tl121 said:

Does anyone know about how many seats are still available for this cycle? I was waitlisted really early on and havent heard anything back so I'm hoping there are still seats and that there will be good news soon! 

There’s 28 people in the Facebook so I’m gonna guess give or take 30 spots? Not sure if everyone who was accepted is in the group though so it could be less. 

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4 hours ago, Rachel789 said:

I have an interview coming up and was wondering if they ask a lot of ethical questions? Traditional questions? Out of the ordinary questions? 


Everyone, including myself, who has already interviewed signed a confidentiality agreement stating that we will not provide any details regarding the interview process or interview questions to anyone, or else we will be disqualified from the admissions process. Sorry about that!

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6 minutes ago, sierra0912 said:

Hey! Have you heard back from your interview yet? Also did you ever find out if there are any more interviews after you? 

I have not heard back from my interview yet.. everyday I’m anxiously waiting hahah and no I never found out if there are more interviews 

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