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Hello everyone! My name is Camille and I am currently a first year student in the Marist PA program.   Congrats to everyone who was offered an interview! You all are going to do amazing! I have c

Hi guys! My name is Maria and I'm also a first year at Marist! Like Camille said, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have because we understand how stressful the application proc

Received my acceptance call today! Best of luck to everyone!! I think Marist does a great job of looking at applications holistically. I did not have the strongest sGPA or the highest amount of P

On 9/9/2020 at 10:02 AM, futurePA1297 said:

Has anyone who got the interview invite on 8/19 received their specific interview date yet?

No sadly. I got the email congratulating me on getting an interview on 8/19 but still haven’t heard anything. I’m starting to get very nervous because it’s been over a month. 

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5 minutes ago, KSacch said:

Did you get the 8/19 email saying you got an interview but no set time yet? I’m just wondering because I’m still waiting for a time. 

Yes! I got the initial email about an interview invitation on 8/19. Then, they reached out on 9/17 about my specific date on 10/2!

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1 minute ago, Noog09 said:

I still haven’t gotten my interview date after getting the 8/19 interview invite email and I’m feel anxious. I hope they let us know soon and I hope that I didn’t get lost in the shuffle 

I haven’t either. I wonder how they are deciding how they hand out interview dates. It might be based on GPA/ app strength or maybe just when people applied. I really don’t know. I definitely am anxious. 

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20 minutes ago, PAK2020 said:

Does anyone know if any seats are left or if they are interviewing for the waitlist at this time? I’m not even sure how many seats they have 

It's tough to say with rolling admissions.  It looks like last year they were still interviewing up until January.  Plus, people that were accepted waely may have decided to go to another program even after they placed their deposit.  When I interviewed in August there was no indication of how many seats were remaining.  Good luck to you when you finally do get your interview!

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30 minutes ago, BCgirl32 said:

I will soon be giving up my seat at Marist as I was just accepted to my top choice program! I hope this opens a spot for one of you excellent candidates! Best of luck to all already accepted, those interviewing and awaiting responses - we will all become amazing PAs!

Congrats on getting into your top choice!

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58 minutes ago, Noog09 said:

I hope those of us still waiting on our interview dates get them soon. The waiting is so hard!

I agree! At least they didn’t make us wait THIS long to find out that we will be interviewing. But, it is definitely tough wondering “when will it be?” and if I need to take off of work since it seems like they are on Fridays and I work every Friday. 

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13 hours ago, caralavecch said:

No I wouldn’t think so! This whole process I’ve told myself no news is good news. You’re not out until they explicitly tell you that, so don’t lose hope!! 

And no they didn’t mention anything about how many seats were filled. I hope this helps! 

Congrats on the acceptance! Was the interview MMI? Mine is 10/2 and I am curious. 

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