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2020 - 2021 Stony Brook Application Thread

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On 10/15/2020 at 5:17 PM, asengler said:

Yeah for sure, I understand what you're saying! Everyone's life circumstances are different, so I think it's a bit more complicated than what we assume over an anonymous thread. From what I've seen in the pre-PA community, everyone is very supportive and uplifting and I think we should just keep that energy going. I hope you're enjoying the program and best of luck to you throughout your PA journey!!

To answer your question, I applied to Arcadia in PA. The class of 2022 cycle had 3160 applicants. There is a second campus in Delaware, so that may change the numbers a bit, but I know some people apply to both campuses. 


I absolutely agree. Positivity and support is something that I love coming to these forums for! Best of luck to you and everyone who has received interview invites! 

To answer that question as well: The University of Utah received over 3000+ applications as well this cycle. So has Yale and the University of Albany. The rest of the schools I have applied to I am still waiting to hear back from since they had later deadlines. 


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On 10/31/2020 at 3:54 PM, BradleyNguyen said:

Hi everyone!


Has anyone else interviewed at other schools in NY? Could someone please tell me why they are choosing this school over the others?





Hi Brad,

I’m not sure why there is so much animosity in this thread but to answer your question, SBU is fairly cheaper than other PA programs in NY. SBU also has a pretty good reputation in NY. I don’t think reputation is as important though since getting a job as a PA isn’t as difficult as other occupations. I think you can also use your experience during your interviews to help you decide. If you get a good vibe from the staff and students then that might help you choose which program you want to attend. I would also recommend touring the campus but with COVID that might not be an option. If you have any questions feel free to DM me! I have been accepted to a few others programs in NY and I’ve lived here my whole life 🙂 

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Hi Brad,

I would echo what Launa stated above. While your reasoning for choosing one school over another is certainly personal, some of the reasons why I chose Stony Brook and that you may also consider (I was accepted this cycle) was cost, reputation, location and program status/rigor. It is both affordable and prestigious, and is in a place where I am able to move to relatively easily in my current situation. I also love the design and length of the program - while it seems challenging, it also seems like quality education with a connected, caring faculty. I believe that Stony Brook offers a the perfect route to becoming a PA (for me) for many reasons and I am very excited and blessed to have the opportunity to attend. 

Hope my insight helps a little and Congrats!

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I also generally feel the same as the last two posters! I was accepted to other NY programs and have always lived in the NY area and SBU was my favorite because of cost, prestige, location, and the overall vibe of the program i had gotten from interviews. Interacting with the staff and second year students at the interview made my decision set in concrete that I was definitely going to commit to SBU. In regards to location, anywhere in NY is pretty cool in my opinion but with SBU the close proximity to the city and opportunity for rotations in some big name places was of high appeal to me! I also really enjoyed the length of the program of 24 months starting June and the set up for clinical rotations in general! Hope this helps answer your question a bit.

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