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withdrawals, failures, or leaves of absence

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Hi help! 

Working on CASPA. Several programs have "Please explain any withdrawals, failures, or leaves of absence on your transcripts" in their program materials questions. Just 750-1000 characters.

I have a "W" on my transcript for an environmental sustainability course i took in undergrad. The course had 2 grades- a midterm and a final. I failed the midterm due to a shit ton of more important coursework i was taking (17 hrs that semester w/ organic, genetics and microbiology)....... Should I even use this essay to discuss this? I want to discuss the incline in my GPA throughout college as i grew as a better student/found my study flow but there are no "failures" on my transcripts per-say. Only low GPA---> high GPA! 




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I mean it does say to explain withdrawals so that is what I'd do. I had a "W" from a whole semester, which I minimally touched on the CASPA essay. So I decided to use the supplemental app to go into some more detail as to what was going on, reasons for my decisions, and the variables at play. I feel as though the general discussion about increasing the GPA should be restricted to the CASPA personal statement. Some schools apps have sections stating "discuss and deficiencies in your app" which I would be more inclined to talk about low GPA since it does not specifically say "withdrawals," but I talked about my "W" in both.

This is just my opinion though, I do not have really any credibility, I mean I just applied to schools 3 days ago.

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