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I just heard back yesterday from my 9/26 interview- accepted! Good luck to all of ya'll with interviews coming up at the end of the month: you'll do wonderfully, just be yourself and be confident in k

Should be any time now! Hold on to your turkeys! 

It was great meeting you all in the interview this morning, now the wait game begins 🙂 

1 minute ago, sallytff said:

I also got an accepted email this morning super excited!! Were we supposed to get a phone call too? I got a missed call and wasn't sure if it was from Chatham.

Congratulations!!! That’s great news! I didn’t get a call or anything, just an email. So I’m guessing your missed call was something else, but who knows!

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18 hours ago, pasareawesome said:

Does anyone know if there is an accepted students Facebook page yet?

For those on the waitlist, I hope you get off it soon! I've always heard to believe in the waitlist 🙂 you've got this!!

I found this on facebook. It looks like Tyson is monitoring the page. Not sure if you need to pay your deposit to be accepted into the facebook group, but I requested to join anyway. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/598070310799008/

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On 11/24/2020 at 1:52 PM, PrePAEP said:

People that got accepted - what are your stats? I’m curious if acceptances are more based off stats or the interview!

Here’s my stats:

cGPA: 3.73

sGPA: 3.69

PCH: 2000~ ish (MA at multiple clinics and hospital volunteer)

HCH: 200~ ish

shadowing: 60+

volunteering: 150~ (This is excluding my volunteer patient care hours)

LOR: 5, one from PA I worked with, 2 from MDs I worked with, 2 from science professors. 

I’m not sure if it is based on interview or overall application. I felt that I did well on the interview but because it was a group interview and the other two girls in my group were amazing interviewees, I didn’t  know if I actually stood out in the interview. Which is why I was very surprised and grateful to have received the acceptance😅

hope this helps! And best of luck to you!

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On 11/24/2020 at 4:52 PM, PrePAEP said:

People that got accepted - what are your stats? I’m curious if acceptances are more based off stats or the interview!

Here are my stats as well!

cGPA: 3.74

sGPA: 3.72

PCE: ~1100 (part time medical scribe during undergrad); I also had leadership experience here as chief scribe, which I broke down into HCE and teaching experience).

HCE: ~100 

Shadowing PA: 40 (Had additional 15 hours shadowing NPs/MDs/Surgeons)

Volunteer: ~330 (tutoring, patient care volunteer, service organizations, program volunteer)

LORs: 3 (one from MD, one from living-learning program director/professor, one from science course professor that I also worked closely with for a job).

I only had one other person in my online group interview! She was a very strong candidate in my opinion, but we both spoke well to our own experiences, which I think is all they are really looking for! Best of luck to you!  Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.




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Just now, EmilyJean said:

Just email updates that I am still currently active on the waitlist

Haha same i appreciate the communication but its funny receiving the same email every month. 

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