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2020-2021 Application cycle

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4 hours ago, whitecoat said:

Just received my interview invite for October 14th! I’m a first time applicant and would appreciate and interview tips from any of y’all on the forum 😁

Congrats! I'm also a first time applicant, would love to know the interview format from anyone who has interviewed before!

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Per this email the first session to select from was 9/02 going every other Wednesday until 12/09. There’s 18 slots/applicants per selected date. The interview for everyone will begin at 8:30-1:30.

@Jelena99 @maniasm there's actually a link in your confirmation email with the agenda of the day! stating  "order of students interviewed will be selected at random"

click on "health care sciences" then the selected program/campus. 

hope that gives you all an idea of what to expect for the day of. Be confident in yourselves and be prepared for anything! Wishing you all the best! 🙂

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14 hours ago, ent2019 said:

Does anyone know if they are still sending out invitations or was it just on the 19th?

I haven't received a rejection email but reading from those who commented above it sounds like it comes through the mail? 

If it helps, last cycle I did not receive a rejection letter in the mail until April 2020... But if I had to guess, they probably wont sent out more interview invites until they've gotten through all of their currently scheduled interviews through December. 

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13 minutes ago, Valvv said:

I have an interview date for sept 16th. Unfortunately i probably wont be able to make it due to my job. Does anyone want to switch with me that has another date in September or October? 

Hi! Congrats on your interview and sorry about your job inconvenience. My interview is on 11/11, I know this is outside of the dates you prefer, but just in case you can’t make the switch with anybody else! Looking at previous cycles, and personally told by nova orl PA graduates, current students, and faculty Nov is still super early in the game! Message me if I can be of any more help. Wish you the best this cycle!

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