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I don't know who needs to hear this, but I wanted to tell you, don't give up hope no matter what. Crazier things have happened. I just got a call today from NAU offering me a seat in the 2022 class! C

I got in off the wait list and have been accepted to NAU’s PA program for the class of 2023!!! Don’t give up hope if you’re still on the list!

Hey everyone! I would advise not reaching out the NAU as in the email it states to not contact for updates. Each school is having difficulties related to the pandemic and waiting is part of the proces

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Hello! I'm so thrilled I found this discussion forum. I received my interview invitation today for 9/28. Looking forward to meeting everyone that I have the opportunity to interview with 🙂 Does anyone know what kind of interviewing format they use? They said it will be from 8am-5pm so I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I would love to know how you all are preparing. 

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On 9/21/2020 at 8:43 PM, Bensell9014 said:

So guys I figured id pop my head in here and introduce myself. My name is Benjamin Sell PA-C. I Graduated from Northern Arizona Universities PA Program in 2019. I am a PA in Neurosurgery in Nashville Tennessee. For those of you nervous about interviewing, I have started a company that helps with mock interviews. Interviewed at 25 different schools. I have tons of experience interviewing. Please check out my website.


A little piece of insider advice: You are not out of contention until you get a letter saying no. No news does not mean bad news (especially with NAU-they take forever). I have helped people who got the very last interview slot in December and got accepted or waitlisted and then pulled off the waitlist 1 day into orientation. Keep your spirits up.


Benjamin Sell PA-C (my personal email is bs722@nau.edu if you have any questions)

Hi Benjamin,

I tried to send you an email and it says Failed to Delivery. Do you have another email ?

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3 hours ago, maikkig said:

does anyone know how many interview dates they have? 

The website says they interview an average of 3 applicants per position and there are 50 spots. So, maybe 150 interviewees, if not more. I know there are more interviews on Wednesday. Our group that had interviews today had about 20 people. So, I would assume about 6-7 more interview dates? They will end right before Thanksgiving for sure because that's when they said they would let everyone know. Just an educated guess, though. 

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40 minutes ago, alejaarmenta said:

Has anyone who is interviewing tomorrow received the zoom link, agenda, or the Zoom etiquette instructions yet? Just wondering if it is just me and I need to be in full panic mode or others as well! I didn't want to bug Poppy but I went ahead and sent an email just in case. 

Just spoke with NAU, they will have it here shortly

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