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I had to retake one class my freshman year, and I really do not want to waste a few sentences in my personal statement to speak about it. Although, I also understand it is best to address it somewhere. Is there another place on CASPA to discuss shortcomings on your application? I do not see a place, but I want to make sure I am not missing something. 

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As someone who had a lot of explaining to do for undergrad, I personally don't feel like having to retake one class (as a freshman no less!) is causing your application much harm.  Some schools will give you chance to address additional issues on their supplemental applications, but if they dont, I wouldn't sweat it. I worked full time throughout undergrad, retook several upper level science courses, and still was selected for several interviews and ultimately accepted. I didn't mention grades or retakes at all in my PS but I did use the supplemental apps for the individual schools to address my academic issues ( for those that provided it), as well as discussed it openly when asked about it interviews. My point is, it seems like you got your stuff together early on and probably have a good academic record beyond that one class, and if I'm understanding your situation correctly, they will see that in the upward trend on transcript. Retaking one class is not a deal-breaker, and definitely not something you should feel like you HAVE to talk about. Just be open about it, address it in your app if given the opportunity, and be ready to talk about it interviews and I think you'll be fine 🙂

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