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Dream would be GWU. Graduate in December 2020. Main concern is PCE, I know I will definitely be able to get to 1000 (minimum requirement for some schools) before application deadlines, just wanna see if my stats is worth applying yet.

Degree will be Biological Sciences BS with minor in Spanish

cGPA: 3.929

sGPA: 3.88 (pending Microbiology with Lab)

PCE: 702 right now from Chiropractic Assistant

Volunteering: 15 hours as English tutor for Spanish-speaking elementary school kids

Shadowing: 44 hours of shadowing PAs (surgical oncology)

Teaching experience: Anatomy and Physiology I/II lab teaching assistant 65 hours

Upper level science courses taken: Organic Chem I/II (with labs), Biochemistry with Lab, Immunology, Advanced Physiology with Lab, Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology & Evolution, and Plant Responses to the Environment

GRE: planning to take in May

Please give me honest advice!

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Your volunteering hours and PCE hours are on the lower end. It isnt advisable to apply when both of these are low because schools that dont necessarily have a PCE minimum will look at your volunteering hours. However, it doesnt hurt to try each cycle. All you lose is a "couple" thousand dollars and time. 

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I disagree with the above poster.  Having low PCE is usually compensated for with high GPA, which you have.

Volunteering is nice but isn't making or breaking any applications.

I would apply broadly though; GW usually has a pretty high average PCE hours for matriculating students (like 4k+).

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Hi there!

I am currently a senior and I am debating what to do in a gap year before applying to PA school. I received two rejections so far. I gradaute this May (august now due to corona). I am a bit lost on what my next move should be. Do you feel I need to raise my gpa (a post bacc) or anything at all?


GPA: 3.61

sGPA: 3.54 

PCE: 500

Shadowing: 200

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