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6 hours ago, Ag4776143 said:

I was also placed on the alternate list. My email stated that I was in the Top 5 of the list. From my understanding of the process, we do not get to know where we stand on the list unless it’s in the Top 5 which would be stated in the email. As for information on alternatives matriculating into the program i am unsure. I emailed Ms. Kays back and asked about the likelihood of matriculation based on prior years so we’ll have to see what she says back. However at least this isn’t an altogether rejection so we gotta try to be thankful for the small things I suppose for now. 

I was in the last interview session, and I believe Ms. Patton said that the top 5 will be told they’re in the top 5, but not necessarily given their specific position. All others are only told that they’re on the list. 

As for odds of matriculation, she said that it’s hard to predict— even they don’t know. Two years ago 12-13 came off the alternate list, but last year only 2-3. 

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6 hours ago, bobgunderson said:

I still have not received my letter from the acceptance ~2 weeks ago. Anyone else hear back? I know the postal service is having problems, I am just getting nervous.

I received mine a little over a week after the call (literally 1 day after I posted here asking if anyone had received theirs lol). If you don't get it this weekend, I'd maybe just check in with Ms. Kays to make sure your mailing address is correct

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On 2/22/2021 at 7:18 AM, PAgirl0320 said:

Has anyone been accepted off of the waitlist yet?

Sorry to be annoying and keep asking this question, but its about 3 weeks ago and no reply's yet haha. So I am quoting this and asking again, cause I am curious. Anyone heard anything about getting in off the waitlist yet?

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1 hour ago, moldyflower7 said:

Sorry to be annoying and keep asking this question, but its about 3 weeks ago and no reply's yet haha. So I am quoting this and asking again, cause I am curious. Anyone heard anything about getting in off the waitlist yet?

Nope. But I havnt asked either.

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    • By Gratefulguy
      Hi guys, 
      I didn't see a new thread. Hope this helps you guys. Just like in previous years they are moving forward, but it may look a bit different because COVID seems to be slowing down. Here's the email I received on 5/11/2021. I submitted my application on 5/3/2021 and verified on 5/11/2021. 
      Thank you for applying to the Radford University Carilion PA program. This email is to let you know that your application is complete, has been marked as "Verified", and we have received your RU supplemental application. Your application will be put in a queue to be reviewed. You may still provide updates to your application through the CASPA website.
      Once applications are reviewed, we will make decisions on whom to interview. Our earliest interview dates will be in September. As we don't yet have exact dates selected for interviews, we will likely make offers for interviews in early July at the soonest.
      We will send out periodic updates to keep you apprised of your status. However, with the necessary changes in how we accomplish our tasks, those updates may not be as frequent as we would like them to be. We are happy to answer any questions that come up, and you are welcome to email me at rhadley1@radford.edu.
      Thank you,
      Bob Hadley
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      Hey everyone, there are still tickets available for those who are interested in the Loma Linda PA program. We have changed our event from zoom to being ON CAMPUS. There will be prizes raffled off. Due to some restrictions still being in place, the tickets that are being sold will only allow one person per ticket. More info on the flyer and event bright website. Thank you so much! Hope to see you there. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/llus-3rd-annual-pre-pa-conference-tickets-145958073527
      prePA conference final draft flyer On CAMPUS.pdf
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      Hey y'all so I am a sophomore in undergrad and in the process of just starting to get PCE, shadow, and volunteer hours and etc, but I am super stressed out because I am itching to start getting PCE hours except its so difficult while in school. I was thinking about becoming an EMT and working for 2 years after I graduate but I wasn't sure if being an EMT is considered PCE among most colleges, does anyone know? (I also tried to work as a caregiver over summer and that job isn't for me) 
      Also, I'm trying to compile a list of PA schools to apply to, so if anyone has any recommendations for schools on the east coast please let me know! 🙂
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      I am currently in my third semester of didactic year and will be starting clinical rotations in the fall. My family is moving to Tampa and I was hoping to get a rotation set up in the area. I am looking for a preceptor in family or internal medicine, pediatrics, behavioral, women's health, or emergency medicine.
      If you know any contacts or other forums I could reach out to please let me know, thank you!
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      Hello everyone!
      Thought I would get this page started so we can help each other out through this process. Good luck! 
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