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Military Recall

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As a retired military PA with over 20 years of honorable service, I find it odd that the request for assistance from retired/ previous service members for COVID 19 response does not include PA's.   Having served for months with a unit overseas, no physician in the immediate AO, I find it difficult to believe my skills are not valued now.  Are any other retired military PAs sharing the same sentiment? 

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I was surprised to not see PA's on the list.  I was surprised to see medics on the list..... The Army has so many usually.  I wonder if they are looking for senior leadership more than the actual skills of a medic?  I read an article somewhere, thousands of people stepped up to the call.  That is awesome in my opinion.  

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cc 56 - I am sure I will stay busy at my current job in a major medical center.  I am glad there was such a positive response to the call for help.  We anticipate a surge of patients in the near future and are preparing to manage the situation as it presents.  It struck me as odd to not see PA's listed in the DFAS newsletter since we bring so much experience.  

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I'm a current IPAP student and I've just asked my senior service representative why PAs were excluded from the recall.  I'm interested to hear his take on the issue.  Even though I'm not in a current position to help during this crisis, to exclude qualified and experienced PAs is an insult to their service and professionalism.

Edit for response:

Word is that G1 made an oversight and that 65D (PA) are one of the professions that are eligible for recall.  Quite the oversight by G1.

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