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WA GOV Cancels Delegation Agreements #Covid19

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With respect to PAs, it suspends...

* DELEGATION AGREEMENTS IN THEIR ENTIRETY FOR PAs and Osteopathic PAs.  Of note, it doesn't remove all supervising physician language, just that for delegation agreements.  So, scope of practice ends up being:

(1) [[A physician assistant may practice medicine in this state only with the approval of the delegation agreement by the commission and only to the extent permitted by the commission. A physician assistant who has received a license but who has not received commission approval of the delegation agreement under RCW 18.71A.040 may not practice.]] A physician assistant shall be subject to discipline under chapter 18.130 RCW.
(2) Physician assistants may provide services that they are competent to perform based on their education, training, and experience [[and that are consistent with their commission-approved delegation agreement]]. The supervising physician and the physician assistant shall determine which procedures may be performed and the degree of supervision under which the procedure is performed. Physician assistants may practice in any area of medicine or surgery as long as the practice is not beyond the supervising physician's own scope of expertise and practice.

* Requirement for proof of 4 hour AIDS education for licensure
* No more CME requirements to reactivate an inactive license, just pay the fees.
* No more CME requirements for recertification
* No more Suicide awareness requirement

Other than that, it looks like it ALSO accelerates the changes to remote sites  that were approved this year.

It does a whole lot of things for other folks, too, and basically seems to free Residents from supervision requirements as well.

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