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Is Hydroxychloroquine useful?

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For those of you treating COVID-19 patients in an in-patient setting, is hydroxychloroquine useful?  I do EM, so it's not part of what I do.  I have non-medical friends asking about it, some citing the lastest thing they've seen on the internet, especially from Chine or the Arabian peninsula, saying that it was key to controlling COVID-19 infections?


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The few studies that have been published have been pretty poor quality, rushed through "peer review".  There has been some in-vitro stuff published but nothing of good LOE in-vivo.  Although I've heard rumors that there is an additional Chinese study coming out in the next day or two with some promising results.  The Hydroxy-Azithro thing was absolute crap. 

With that being said, if there's even a remote chance people are grasping at straws, a lot of clinicians are feeling pretty powerless.  I think this is an unfortunate side effect of social media (christ I sound old) and FOAMeD, these tiny "studies" (case reports) which aren't randomized, no controls, terrible data acquisition and follow up have a tendency to get blasted across the web and people take the stuff and run with it.

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Testing Progress

After 2 months of setbacks, COVID-19 diagnostics in the US finally got a win. A new test, just approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, can deliver COVID-19 results within minutes and can be used at the point of care in hospitals, urgent care centers, and physicians' clinics. Abbott Laboratories, which created the test, says they can begin distribution of the tests next week and plans to manufacture 50,000 of the tests per day. 

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