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Advice on how to strengthen an application

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Hello! If someone here could give me some advice on how to strengthen my application for my 3rd round of applying, i would appreciate it so much. (side note- is multiple rounds of applications looked down upon?)

I recently graduated in 2019 with my BS in health science with a Cumulative GPA of 3.52 and science GPA of 3.35. 

I have about 1300 HCE hours in ICU Stepdown as a CNA, and operative orthopedic recovery unit as a CNA.  I have about 50 hours of volunteer work in a local soup kitchen, and 16 hours of volunteer work with a kids exercise after school 8 week program. 

Since applying last May, I gained 1200 more hours in outpatient neurology as a MA/Scribe, for a total of 3400 HCE as of last week. I started volunteering for my local ambulance company and plan to get my EMT certification in summer 2020, and I am taking online biochemistry through UNE to open up more schools. 


My first round of applications, I got all rejections. My second round I had a few interviews and waitlists. I just want to gain as much advice from those that have gone through it themselves, because as you know, it is very discouraging!

Thanks all xo

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I’ve never read nor heard of multiple applications as being detrimental to your chances. 

Here are a few ideas:

Re-evaluate your PS. Make it better/stronger if needed.

How many schools did you apply to? Did you choose ones that value your hce more than your gpa? Do you need to apply to more programs to improve your chances?

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, how are your interview skills? They need to be rock solid. You had interviews, so you attracted them by your application, but maybe didn’t grab a spot because of a slightly lower performance compared to your peers. Practice interviewing with several people and have them be brutally honest on your strengths and weaknesses. Go through one of those interview books for PA school and get well prepared.

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