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Hi started this for the new cycle opening soon... so people can use this one instead of the Pennsylvania one.....   

I received a verification that they received my application... nothing since then! 

I received an email from Desiree on Monday that they would be reviewing applications this month and extending interview invites via email if selected! I believe there are only 9 seats filled from thei

On 9/7/2020 at 4:29 PM, PREPAFL96 said:

Can people that have an interview send your stats and when you applied please! 🙂 

Extracurricular activities: 40hrs
Healthcare experience: 187hrs
Leadership: 165hrs
Patient Contact experience: 5,547 hrs
Shadowing: 1,230hrs
Volunteering: 450hrs

4 PAs and 1 NP LOR
Cgpa 3.54

applied 7/1/2020 and invited for interview emailed 9/4/2020, interview on 9/25

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6 hours ago, Tanna said:

I interviewed on September 21st but haven't heard anything yet?  Has anyone else who interviewed heard anything? 

I haven’t heard anything either other than the survey 

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19 hours ago, Manshi said:

I haven't received confirmation email about receiving my application should I send an email to them asking about confirmation?

I haven't gotten a confirmation email yet either. I submitted in early August. I feel like 2 months is a good amount of time to wait to hear something back so I plan to email them soon asking about it. 

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9 hours ago, Tigerfan357 said:

Got an interview invite for November 17. How did the virtual interview go for those who already did them? 

It was actually nice! It was my first interview ever for PA school and I was super nervous but came out feeling good. Hope that helps!


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On 10/20/2020 at 3:56 PM, AjeBaje said:

Do you mind sharing your stats?


Overall GPA: 3.72

Science GPA: 3.64

PCE: 4500 hours (worked in a family medicine, pediatrics and emergency medicine)

Volunteering: 150 hours

Shadowing: 500 hours

Research: 1200 hours

Letters of Rec from 3 PA's and 1 MD. 

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12 hours ago, HeatherB123 said:

Does anyone know the remaining interview dates? Do you think it’s too late for an interview invite?

I was looking back at last years application thread and people were still getting interviewed through the spring. I imagine COVID has slowed things down more so this application year. Deadline is December 

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