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Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) PA?

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I am a second year PA-S and I just completed my women's health rotation. I ended up loving obstetrics more than I thought I would! I was researching different jobs in OB/GYN and came across maternal fetal medicine. From the research I have found, it seems to be a very interesting and rewarding field! However, I have asked a couple of the providers at my rotation about a PA's role in MFM, and they have all said it is minimal. I looked online and there are MFM job postings for PA/NP's, so I have a couple questions for everyone:

1) Do PA's have a role in MFM?

2) If yes, what is their scope/daily life like? Are they mainly in the clinic? Rounding in the hospital? Do they help in the OR?


Thank you for your feedback and information!


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I don't know if you still need the answer but I spent a few days with MFM during one of my OBGYN rotations.

The practice had an NP and a nurse midwife. I would say the role is pretty minimal. They did most of the follow up visits. Most (if not all) of the patients the APPs saw were diabetic patients, so a lot of email correspondence and adjusting insulin doses. They interpreted ultrasounds since many moms got sonograms with every visit, and monitored the patients NSTs. Of course they ordered labs and interpreted those. Now that I'm reflecting on it, I feel like they do the same things as doctors but don't particulate in the procedures that the doctors do (ie. amnios, cerclages, surgery).


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