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How to ask/when to ask for LORs?

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1. The new cycle opens up around April 29th. If I create an account and send out LORs requests, I'm pretty sure they will not carry over to the next cycle, so what's the best way of asking for evaluations in the next couple of weeks rather than waiting until the next cycle opens up? 


2. Do you guys give your teachers/doctors a courtesy heads up email stating that in the next couple of weeks you will be asking them officially for a evaluation and then send them the link, or do you just send them the link with a personalized email? 



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I asked my people well in advance personally and gave them the approximate date they would be receiving an email for the recommendation.

Then after CASPA opened and I submitted the requests for their recommendation, I emailed each of them letting them know they should be receiving a link, and if they didn’t to let me know so I could follow up on this. 


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