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Has anyone here done a stint with the Foreign Service?

I'm quite interested, as I've been thinking for years how I might be able to immerse myself in a different culture abroad yet still make a living as a PA (as we all know, the international options for employment for PAs short of military are still limited). I've worked in EM in the past although it's been a couple years, and now do ortho trauma. I don't really have a ton of direct primary care experience, but I like to think I'm pretty calm, adaptable and the idea of austere medicine doesn't scare me. Any input?

For what it's worth, I don't really have a family to move around with me - my partner is active duty, and he's totally supportive.

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Several of my friends have done, or are currently, doing just that. Assignments are based on seniority. Generally 2 years in Africa, then 2 years in Eastern Europe or South America, then you actually have some choice in where you go. It is mostly low acuity and low volume work( a friend of mine sees 10 pts/month). You also get roped into other duties at the embassy like environmental services and public health officer(make sure the fire extinguishers are charged and the water filters are changed every month, etc). People love it. It is even better if you have prior federal service as the pension is cumulative (10 yrs in the army + 10 in the foreign service for the state dept = 20 yr pension). Lots of other threads here on the forums about it if you do a search. They pay in part based on highest degree so it is very worth your while to get an MS or Doctoral degree as the pay is much higher than a BS.

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