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New Grad in West Michigan Still Struggling to Find a Job >6 Months After Graduation

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I graduated from a PA program in Michigan in August and am still struggling to find a job more than 6 months later. I live in West Michigan and have applied to over 100 jobs within an hour radius of my home. I have had only a handful of phone interviews and 2 in-person interviews during this time. I feel like I interview very well, and am unsure what else I can do to increase my chances of securing a job. I have even reached out to recruiters from nearby hospital systems with no success. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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    • By Nypac21
      Hi all, 
      I'm a new grad starting out in ambulatory surgery-- I'm super excited because I love being hands on in the operating room. I was just wondering if any of the Surgical PAs could give some insights about ambulatory surgery? The site I'm going to be working at has 12 surgical subspecialities (list below). From what I gathered through the interview process, I'll be able to get experience in all of them. That being said I'm worried about being prepared and knowledgeable for cases. Anyone have any tips of how to study up, or even get more comfortable once starting? I have a little over a month before start date so any resources are welcome. Thanks in advance!
      List of subspecialities/ topics to brush up on🤯🥴: 
      Bariatric surgery
      Breast surgery
      Colorectal surgery
      General surgery
      Head and neck surgery
      Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery
      Ophthalmologic surgery
      Orthopedic surgery
      Pediatric surgery
      Podiatric surgery
      Sports medicine surgery
      Urologic surgery
      Vascular surgery
    • By Path2PA
      I am seeking input regarding my current position as a semi new grad approaching one year of employment. I am unable to distinguish what is “the norm” versus if I am in a less than ideal position. Unfortunately, I have found that I am growing increasingly dissatisfied with my job and am not sure what to make of it given that this is my first job as a PA.
      I work in a very lucrative family owned practice (husband is physician, wife is practice manager, rest of combined family in various positions throughout).
      Hours are 8-6 M-F and every other Saturday 7:45-1pm. I leave 15 mins early or later based on patient load for the day. I do not receive a lunch break. No PTO until 1 year of employment following which I will receive 5 days PTO. Regretfully, I signed a non compete: 150 mi radius for 2 years following employment. Benefits include SIMPLE IRA and Medishare plan. Pay is 95k, which is average for my location and specialty.  
      One concern is that I am struggling with being used as a phlebotomist/nurse  when we are understaffed (i.e. blood draws, IV insertions, IM injections). I by no means feel that I am too good to perform these procedures but feel that my focus should instead be diagnosis/treatment plan for my patients. I occasionally have to room my patients in similar scenarios when we are lacking support staff. Supervising physician and wife have a pattern of explosively expressing their frustrations to employees when things are not running smoothly/mistakes are made.
      Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    • By cfran
      Hi! New grad here with pending MA license. Its a tough time out there for new grads! (any leads in MA would be great!) but in the mean time while my license processes, I wanted to see if I could get a job/ volunteer doing covid vaccinations or covid swabs, Most posts I'e seen want nurses or Pharmacists, and don't mention PAs. Also not sure how this works with a pending license? Any leads or advice would be great!  
    • By 201920192019pa2019
      Hi all,
      I am a second semester PA student who was accepted with a low GPA directly out of undergrad. I am holding Zoom Advising sessions where I can help you figure out how you can improve your application and answer any questions you may have about the application process including personal statement review. The cost of each session is $10. Please send me a PM if you are interested! Thank you, and Good luck!
    • By vkbrba
      Please help me make a complete list of Pros and Cons of being a PA vs Physician.
      Physician Assistant:
      Shorter School Less expensive Work Life Balance Lateral movement in career Doctor:
      Greater Pay More Autonomy Cons__________________________________
      Physician Assistant:
      Lower Pay Less Autonomy Doctor: 
      Longer Training (residency) Limited to one medical specialty   
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