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Any Informatics PAs out there?

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I'm currently a practicing PA looking into either a Certificate or Master's in Clinical Informatics. I'm trying to decide if it's a path I want to take because I'm VERY interested in getting out of the clinic. If anyone out there is working in informatics and is willing to talk/chat/email, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, Cideous said:

Soooo many desperately trying to get out of clinical medicine, what does that say about our profession?  Uggh

The profession or the practice of medicine?  The practice of medicine, as it stands, is on par with a retail establishment.  Companies don't invest much into the meat movers, whether it be at BK or Big Hospital system, Inc. 

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OP, are you wanting to work for an EMR company or just general geekiness? 

Are you working clinically? Satisfied? If not, why? 

Why the informatics move? 

Just like lawyers - what faction are you wanting to represent? Helping practicing PAs in a rational way or mining data used to "judge"  providers' abilities or some other pay for performance thing?

I am truly interested in what is driving my colleagues away from touching patients.

Is it the job market, the jobs themselves, hours, benefits, pay, bosses - what?


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I am practicing full time in general pediatrics for large HMO. I'm hoping to find some way to be again rewarded by working in healthcare. I feel overextended and while I'm paid generously, otherwise unappreciated. Like everyone else, I feel that I don't have enough time with my patients to be as thorough as I need to be to provide them with care satisfaction and me with the feeling that I've done right by my patient. Not to mention my concerns about liability for not being thorough enough. I am continually being asked to work more, work longer hours and see more patients with fewer resources to care for them safely. I don't feel that switching company or specialty will result in an improvement in my level of satisfaction.

I'm hoping to either work for an EMR company or for my current company in an informatics role, to help health care providers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. I'd like to do some informational interviews to make sure it's something that I do really want to do and that I won't have to suffer a pay-cut to do it. 

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Guest Paula

I wonder how much longer it will take before a mass protest takes place in front of corporate medicine offices and providers walking off their jobs and picketing?  Will it come to this?  It is so sad so many of us have been turned into the hamster running on the wheel.

I am happy to be out of the hamster cage and at a job working part time on my terms, and at a clinic that does not take insurance.  It is a dream and took about 6 months after working at this type of clinic to recover from the corporate brutality. 

When will we see the tide turning back?  Ever?



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I have been with St Jude for 3 years as a PA and working in Medical Informatics. I absolutely love it. My boss is an Attending who is dual boarded as Hem/Onc and Medical Informatics. 

I wish there was some sort of group where PA's in medical informatics could meet and discuss what we are doing and get some education.

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On 3/3/2020 at 7:34 PM, medic25 said:

Can't speak to it personally, but I know that they are out there.  My health system has two PAs who serve as Medical Informatics Officers

Do you mind sharing the name of health system?  Or a list of systems that use PA's in such a position.


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