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11 Drugs That Every PA Should Know

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Amphoterrible, they call it.  

Not only should a PA know about amphotericin B, they should be able to name a commonly-used topical antifungal with the exact same mechanism of action as Amphotericin B.  Because most FP and pediatric PAs will have used the latter.  

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3 minutes ago, ohiovolffemtp said:

Fentanyl is not "a drug to be avoided at all costs".  It's a routine part of my practice for managing severe acute pain.

Yup, it's a great drug for use in the ER. Better tolerated than morphine or dilaudid with fewer side effects and a better blood pressure profile. It is a very clean drug. It can be given intranasaly to kids with fxs or burns. I can't remember the last time I wrote for morphine. fentanyl is the bomb.

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The purpose in even posting this missive is that it was written as a reminder for physicians who were also taught pharmacology.Practitioners need a reminder occasionally. Specialty physicians have almost totally forgotten these if they can not use it in their practice like Fentanyl and emergency medicine or orthopedics.

Secondly, as a clinician with over four decades of practice and mentoring, I have discovered that PAs, NPs and residents whom I have had the pleasure of mentoring were unaware of drug interactions and old clinician, particularly physicians , do not have the Apps that clinicians of the last two decades use.  Thanks for permitting me to share the rationale.

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