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Reapplicant Tips?

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I've recently applied during the 2019-2020 cycle and i received only 1 interview out of the 6 that I applied for. I am still waiting for the decision since Nov 1, but I do not want to get my hopes up and want to start preparing.
My stats when I applied were 
B.S. Biochemistry 3.7 Overall, (3.5 Science)
500 Hours PCE as Physical Therapy Tech
100 Hours Shadowing a Neurosurgery PA
720 Hours Research Hours for Chemistry Synthesis Lab during Undergrad
100ish Hours Volunteering
My GRE scores were 154 Q, 151 V, and a 3.0 Analytical Writing; My PS was a little weak last cycle and done last minute, but this time I am going to thoroughly do it.

I was wondering should I retake the GRE to maybe shoot for a higher writing score? I also submitted a little late last cycle, Mid-August, (Most Texas Deadlines were September) due to summer classes.

This upcoming cycle I will have ~1200 hours as a PT Tech, & 600 hours as a phlebotomist and will be applying EARLY! Do you guys have any other recommendations?

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I would not retake the GRE, 305 meets the threshold of what schools are looking for and although a AW of 3 may seem bad, you may not do as well on the other portions on your second attempt. You can always use the first score if that happens though so if you have a couple hundred extra bucks lying around, ehh you could try. My best advice would be to work on your PS, get more PCE (I dont have the numbers in front of me but the national average for matriculants is ~2000), apply earlier in the cycle and apply to 10-15 schools.

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