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Critical care job

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Hello everyone, 

I am a new grad and have an offer in ICU which I am considering but slightly hesitant. The offer is 110,000 salary based, 7 on 7 off nights  no vacation days but you can trade/give away to others working there. they will pay for all licensing, 1000 for CME, and I have to get my own malpractice insurance but they will reimburse after 6 months. Is this considered a good ofter? 

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I work In critical care also. Doing 3 12’s a week. Which works out to about 300 less hours per year, than the 7 on 7 off schedule you would be doing. I started out making about that same as you would be starting. I do have 7 weeks PTO though, plus health and malpractice insurance covered, and 401k with match up to 8%. All in all I don’t think that is a very good offer for you.

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1 hour ago, Pm1994 said:

even though they said they will reimburse the malpractice? 

From what I was told ICU doesnt really get vacation time so I thought that was considered normal. 

Thank you so much for your input! 

Even though it’s reimbursed. What if they decide it doesn’t work out? Who is left without a job and covering a huge malpractice bill.

this is not typical of crit care or any other job with a 7 on 7 off schedule. Dude, I work 72 hour shift every other weekend, but I get 3 weeks vacation. I could take a whole month off if I wanted. 

terrible offer. 

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Thank you everyone for all your inputs! I ended up declining their offer as they were not going to negotiate on any part of the contract with me. I got another offer in primary care with a provider who really likes to train, is offering me the same salary,  with 3 weeks PTO, 1500$ CME, and the rest of the benefits package! 

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So no vacation time is the new trend.  My hospital is doing it as well and lumping PAs and NPs in with doctors in how contracts are structured.  Quite simply you are given a quarterly schedule and you put your shifts in and arrange them around your vacation.  You are obligated to work X number of shifts in a year.  Each quarter you are told if you are on track, above, or below.  You are obviously paid more for the extra shifts you work.   In theory the lack of vacation is factored in to your salary.  And you should always compute the total value of the contract and not get fixated on vacation or no vacation.  It doesn't make sense to take another offer that gives you vacation but pays significantly less.

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