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Philly Area - WAY more job postings for NPs than PAs

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Hi all. I will be graduating from PA school in May and have been starting to look for jobs over the last few months. I am looking in the Philadelphia/West Chester area (yes, I know this a saturated area), and have noticed something extremely disconcerting. There are SIGNIFICANTLY more jobs posted for NPs than PAs. And in general, these don't seem to be positions that are NP or PA- the majority seems to be directly geared towards NPs. As an example, if you search "physician assistant" in Philly, there are 191 results. If you search "nurse practitioner", there are 519 results. The rate of new positions added is also much higher for NPs. What is the deal with this? Is this something specific to this area or are we seeing this throughout the country?  Interested to hear your thoughts. 

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^^^ If you read this board long enough you will hear.....we are fine, nothing to see here.  Yet here you are and here we are.  When the meteor lands on top of the ostrich with his head stuck in the sand it kills him.....even if the ostrich refused to watch it coming for him.  Had he looked up once and awhile and hauled ass away he might of survived.

 Our profession has been the ostrich for as long as I can remember except for a few of us enduring being ridiculed for being "chicken littles".  

We are in major trouble as a profession.  Nothing else to see here

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Guest HanSolo

Spoke with a recruiter today after I applied for a NP job posting. He said the system forces them to chose one, but they are accepting PAs, too. So, if you see something you like, apply. 

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