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DEA license transfer for new job in new state

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I currently practice in NH and will be moving to Maine shortly for a new job. My last day of practice in NH is 3/3, and my proposed start date in Maine is 3/9. As far as I knew, I could just change my state and address listed on my current DEA license once I was done practicing in NH. However, the credentialing office at my new job is concerned that there is not enough time in between jobs to allow the change to take place. They are wondering if I can apply for a new and separate DEA license right now, but I originally felt like that was unnecessary. 

Does anyone have any insight or experience with moving states and getting a new DEA license versus changing the listed state of practice?

Thank you!


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Ok just a little update.

IF you have a DEA in one state and have NO plans to continue to prescribe narcotics in that state <say you are moving states>, the DEA license and number CAN be transferred to the new state.  It takes about half the time as a new application but the good news is the money you spent on DEA registration and subsequent time left on your dea license since last renewal in state A will also transfer.  There is one caveat.  You MUST already have a practice address in the new state you are transferring it to and you must have a license in the new state where you are going to BEFORE they will transfer.

Remember IF you plan on ever coming back and prescribing scheduled drugs in the state you are transferring it from, you would need to get a new dea number for that state.

Such a stupid money grab, but it is what it is.

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