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No Contract or Paperwork for Job Offer?

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I am currently in the process of moving to Nebraska, which is an at-will state. I currently have been employed in at a different at-will state for the past three years. I have been offered a job in Nebraska and I would like to take this opportunity, however, there is no offer letter. I just need to say a verbal "yes" and I am hired. They have given me the generic benefits package information, but no job offer letter entailing my work responsibilities, my PTO, my call scheduled, my hours, holidays, etc. Of note, this is a very large medical center. I requested this from the recruiter who gave me the offer and seemed confused as "Nebraska is an at-will state so there are no contracts". I understand the no contract thing, but usually there is a lot more paperwork involved regardless, especially I would expect this in a large medical center. Every place I have worked at in my current at-will state has given me a 5-10 page offer letter entailing the above mentioned. Is this normal for Nebraska or have you experienced something similar where you live? I am hesitant to give a "verbal yes" without this written and signed information and agreement, and I would also be turning down other opportunities that are inquiring about me. 

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