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Couple of thoughts...

1. Where are you? If anyone does know of a program, how do they know it's at a location that you can get to?

2. Quite a few people ask their professors. Are you in school currently? Have you fostered any sort of positive professional relationship with any of your professors?

3. It seems to be popular with a lot of the posters here to ask the PA that they shadowed for a letter of recommendation. Are you shadowing anyone?

4. It is my personal recommendation that you work in the health care field and then ask a PA/NP/Doc that you work for/under/with for a letter of rec. Are you currently employed in a health care field? If not, are you making moves to find a job in the health care field?

5. Do(es) the school(s) that you plan to apply to require a medical provider to write the rec? If not, then have you considered seeking employment as a summer camp counselor? It puts you working/volunteering in a team based environment working with a variety of folks all with different backgrounds, it puts you in a supervisory/leadership role for the kids involved in the camp, it's a responsible position, and builds some life experiences. After all, figuring out how to calm a melting down child who is horribly homesick is a life skill that EVERYONE should really get dialed in. You'll find the same skill set comes in handy all through life.


But you ask a super vague question that makes me wonder how much effort have you put forth if figuring out the PA track thingy...

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Asking such a broad question is sort of like asking the forum, "What should I have for lunch tomorrow?" With no background, I can expect answers ranging from a cheeseburger to pad Thai to IHOP to soup to any number of options. A better question for me to have asked would be something like, "I'm going to be in the Seattle area and really love deep dish pizza. Any recommendations?" I've narrowed down the field so that others might be able to have a legit shot at naming a good restaurant for me to try. An even better bet would be, "I've heard Giovanni's pizza is amazing. Is that true?" Shows I've done some research and clues the reader into what I'm looking for if he/she were familiar with the establishment.


Figure out what your interests are and what options are available in your area so that we can provide helpful info, rather than potshots in the dark.

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