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I hope everyone is doing well and hearing some good news! I have a bit of a pickle and need genuine, kind, and thoughtful input as to how to choose a program. I have been accepted into two programs, but need to make a decision soon. I have talked to several PAs, family members, and mentors all of whom are insightful, but I still can't choose. I several pros and cons for both schools, but some similarities include that they're both 27 month programs, located out of state from where I currently live, theoretically the same tuition, and I genuinely liked the faculty I met at both places (people keep telling me to go with which one I felt better at but I truly don't know).

Program A:  ~30 students, 94-100% PANCE pass rate (throughout the last 3 recorded years); is a top 110 PA school per U.S. News, is not a part of a medical school curriculum, however has been graduating PAs for the last ~20 years. I would be an hour flight away from my parents, but have friends a two hour drive away from campus. Travel expenses would be less for this school as rotations are within the metropolitan/surrounding rural areas. Slight con: I've already had to put down the deposit. 

Program B: ~20 students, 97-98% PANCE pass rate (throughout the last 2 years - there are different campus locations), is a top 15 PA school per U.S. News, is associated with a medical school, however the location I have been offered acceptance to is separate from the main campus. This location is brand new and barely built up, however a lot can change in the next few months and I always wanted to go to this university and be a part of this program. I would be further from my parents, but also have extended family and friends an hour flight away. Travel expenses would likely be greater for this school as there is only one community hospital nearby, however may present more career related opportunities in the future due to large university network.

Any insight as to how to go about choosing a school or any sincere and helpful comments are much appreciated. I am grateful to even be accepted to one program to begin with, but I feel a huge weight having to make this decision. Thank you all and enjoy your evening!

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Most people would suggest going to the school that is cheapest and closest to your home. You'll be saving money, and your friends and family will be nearby. Program A is also already established, so your education will be solid. If you really want to go to program B, talk to some previous students and see what they say. Then, you can make your decision

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