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How do you use your CME time and money?

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Hi there.


Looking for creative ways to spend CME money.


I just started my new family practice job in November and my proprated CME PTO and money needs to be used before May 31.


Prorated i have $750, ($187 of which can be used for items such as scrubs, stethoscopes, etc) and 5 days PTO.


I already am planning on subscribing to HippoEd Primary Care RAP which is a GREAT podcast. Thats $195 per year for a PA nd helps me earn up to 40 hours of my category 1 CME per year. So i have no concerns about accumulating necessary category 1 and 2 CME over these 2 years.


I was planning on just spending the $187.50 personal items money on scrubs unless someone has a better idea [emoji12] i already have a nice stethoscope and other things that would be helpful (ie derm light or bluetooth Ultrasound[emoji56][emoji56][emoji56]) go way over that 187!


This still leaves me with $382.50 for CME. Does anyone have specific journals they love? I'd also really like to do a nexplanon training or other LARC training. Any family practice PAs willing to share how they did their LARC training?


Would a botox training be too far?!?[emoji23] I'm not sure my FQHC employer would approve....


As for the PTO days, i don't have any specific conferences scheduled (don't think i can afford one plus travel with that remainder balance), so I'm requesting days for home study. Is that how you have done it before?


Anyways, let er rip!

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I typically go to conferences, even better if I can be a speaker there, too. This year I'll be having a new baby right around the time of AAPA, so I'll be staying home and doing online CME.

I've written about this before, especially ways to make the most out of whatever CME money you have. 


As an overview, the strategies are:

1. Speak at a CME conference (usually gets you in the door for free, if not ahead, so that you can use your CME funds for other things).

2. Do online CME, especially those with gift card bonus options

3. Find discounts online for said CME

4. Make you own CME (ie, work with companies like Hippo to create content that you can turn around and get CME credit for).


Best of luck!

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To expand on point #2 from the previous poster: be careful about that. Using CME funds to get freebies is muddy waters for some companies. I large EM staffing company canned a couple PAs last year who used funds from certain CME sources that gave away Apple electronics (really I'm sure the price of the electronics was built into the registration fee to a degree) then outright banned further employees from using that company for CME in the future.

But I think a journal subscription would be a good idea. Those subscriptions can be expensive, though, depending on the journal. Not sure what the good ones are for FM, as this isn't my area of practice, so you'd have to do a little research on that. Also consider investing in an UpToDate subscription if it isnt available through work. Or an ECG course.

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