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Physician Owned Group Salary Offer

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I recently received my first job offer following graduation and certification. The position is in urgent care and is for a small clinic that is physician owned (which I find to be an attractive thing). I live in an area that is dominated by large clinic systems; thus, there are significant financial stressors on independent clinics. It was made clear in the interview that, while they try to stay competitive, they are unable to match the larger clinic systems. I really do like the practice and desire to work in FM or UC; however, the offer I received is lower than expected. I was wondering if you'd be willing to give your feedback based. 

~$73,000 ($42.50/h): FTE 0.8, Full benefits/401K, malpractice coverage, 3 weeks PTO, $2500 CME, unsure whether memberships are covered. 

In my area, family medicine has hourly is at $43/h in the 10th percentile, so I know this offer is low in the grand scheme of things but didn't know where it sat within private practice groups. 

Thank you for any and all feedback!

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I am finishing up PA school this coming May, so I'm obviously not practicing, but I am in the job market. What I am finding is most people are suggesting to not take salaries under $100k unless you are going into FM or pediatrics. If you adjust your salary to account for the 0.8 FTE, you would be making $91k at a 1.0 FTE. I would expect urgent care or ED salaries to be in line with that or even higher, due to the pace you're expected to work out. You are billing the same as a physician. After training, you will bring this clinic money so long as you're decently productive (and I am sure they will make sure of that). I feel like you're selling yourself short if you accept this as is. I could be completely wrong, but I am noticing that private practices are paying more in specialties and lower in FM/Peds. I would think this UC would pay higher. 

I would consider the fact that it seems you have a niceish benefits package for a new grad. Do they match 401k? Would they be willing to consider productivity bonuses quarterly or yearly? How much time does the physician expect to take out of his/her week to mentor and train you initially? If this is above the standard of mentorship and you will gain a lot of skills, perhaps it's okay to consider working there for a year. Financially, I think any longer would be a disservice to you. 

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This is a joke of an offer. At 1.0 FTE it's ~88,000 a year. Benefits are pretty standard for any decent job. Honestly who cares if they're a private group. All that means is you won't be getting your fair share. Working for a bigger system isn't always bad, especially if they're actually paying you what you're worth.

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