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Virgin River

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After hearing a lot of good things about the TV show Virgin River, my wife and I just binged-watched the entire season in about three days. If you are not familiar with it, it is about a "Nurse, Midwife, and Nurse Practitioner" (all one person) who moves from LA to work in a very rural mountain town in N. California (BTW it is filmed near where I live, but across the boarder in British Columbia). While the front story is her love life, the back story is about her trying to work in a clinic where an older (72 yo) family physician doesn't like non-physicians treating patients.

Of course, like most TV shows, there are lots of unrealistic things, including that the clinic is "very busy" but they average seeing about one patient per hour between the two, and the waiting room is always empty.

But in her struggle to be accepted by the physician, there are a lot of social commentary about non-physician providers. For one, the MD always wants her to do things like make coffee, clean the waiting room, etc. But one interesting thing that she keeps saying is (my paraphrase) "I'm not an assistant, I am a nurse and nurse practitioner and your equal."

What do you think of the depiction of NP and the struggle for acceptance by some physicians?

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