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What salary to expect?

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Hi All!

I recently interviewed for a full time hospitalist position at a major Boston-area hospital. I have been told I would be receiving a formal offer from HR this week and am wondering what I should expect as "reasonable" pay/what I should negotiate for. Some info about the position: 

-36 hours, (3- 12 hour shifts, including every other weekend for the first year)

-pension plan and 401K matching 2% after first year

-29 days PTO (inclusive of all holiday, vacation, sick time)

-$1000 CME first year to increase to $2000 thereafter (inclusive of all licensing fees)

-3 month credentialing process then 8-12 weeks of orientation of with a senior PA/NP (35 PA and NPs on staff currently)

-patient load is 6 patients per shift with no more than 1 admission, working 1:1 with attending physician

I'm excited about this position as I feel like it will be great experience in a major teaching hospital. I'm a relatively "new grad", I have 1 year of experience now working in outpatient cardiology with my own panel of patients and I make $95k for 40 hours ($45/hour) which was great as a first job but now seems to be extremely low. I did not negotiate at all when accepting this position as I was just so excited to finally have an offer after graduation. I am hoping to advocate for myself more this time around, I'm just not sure what the "going rate" is for inpatient medicine. I'm also pursuing an urgent care position which starts PA's at $63/hour, not sure if these specialties are similar-paying or if I should be happy with an offer in the $50-55/hour range.

Any advice is appreciated



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