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Inpatient Hours / Schedule

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Hi- I currently work as a Hospitalist PA at an academic medical center. Wondering what schedule other PAs have for Hospital Medicine PAs. The two most common schedules that I have discovered include:

1) 7 on, 7 off

2) 12 or 13 12 hour shifts/month

Any other models? What are your PTO benefits? Thanks!

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We do the second option you listed, although we have a very large group (~50) and some of us do 7/7 by choice.

PTO is based on years with the hospital, but for most of us is 10.15 hours per 2-week pay period. They call it “33 days” but that’s 8 hour days. So it’s really 22 days of our 12 hour shifts.

Were you asking about other bennies or just PTO?

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