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Least competitive schools or states to get into? Currently RD.

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Hi, I am actually a dietitian and thinking about going to PA school. But I am not sure if I want to commit 2+ years to re-doing all my pre-reqs and not have a chance to get in. Anyways, I am located in CA (competitive) and don't mind moving. Likely, all my classes have expired by now. 

Any recommendations for schools or states to look into? 

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Blah, as Pa9 was saying, is that there is no such thing as a "least competitive school." They're are reach schools that only take people with thousands of PCE and schools that generally accept people with higher than 3.6 GPA, but every school is extremely difficult to get into. About 25%-30% of all people who apply to PA school matriculate each cycle. 


You have to first decide if this is something you are going to commit to. If it's your GPA you're worried about try this forum. 


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