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what were your jobs to fulfill your PCE?

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I am trying to start building up my PCE hours.

I took a CNA class over a year ago and worked about two months with it. 

Also, im moving to a different state, and since my cna class was over a year ago, they will not let me test for GNA or test in the different state. I would have to go through the CNA class again. I do not have to time or the money to this. 

im trying to find another option for pce since i need to start asap. 

what are some of my options? 

and is phlebotomy and medical assistant a national certification or state certification like CNA?


any input would be appreciated

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Physical therapy aide supplemented by being a volunteer interpreter at a free clinic for patient/doctor dialogue.

I was lucky with the PT Aide position and it doesn't require any certifications besides BLS for healthcare providers. I had hands-on patient experience.

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emt then training officer for 2 years

 volunteer medical assistant (no certificate , MD trained)  and phlebotomist ($2k for cert , 6 Saturdays for school many individual companies that offer the class ) for 6 months at a geriatric clinic second language speaking

caregiver for kids with autism then field supervisor for entire area 5 years

caregiver for pt with alz for the state 4 years

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