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PA vs DO

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So here’s my situation.

I applied to medical school last year and was rejected (but my husband was accepted). I then applied and was accepted to a Master’s of Biomedicine at the school my husband attends. I’m currently in the cycle for medical school and will probably be admitted (statistically speaking. 100% of my classmates who have interviewed have been accepted so far). 
I graduated undergrad in 2016, then took my prerequisites for 2 years, and now here I am.
Ive been working toward being a doctor for all this time, and then I learned about PA. 

given that my husband wants to be a cardiologist, he will be in school/residency for a hot minute and we would like to have a family at a decent age (we are 26 now). That’s part of the reason PA is appealing- the work/life balance. 
also, I was a psych major and the curriculum of PA school seems to fit my style more so than medical school. 

if I start med school this fall, I will graduate a year behind my husband, so we will be separated for a year since he’ll be in residency and I’ll be in school still. If I decided on PA school for 2021, we would finish at the same time, but I would have a gap year 🙄

has anyone else had a similar predicament? It’s such a strange feeling switching from wanting to be a doctor for so many years the realizing there is another profession that can fulfill the same passion for medicine for less time and less money. 

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ill be finishing pa school a  year before he finishes md school i’ll be 36 he’ll be 35 . 

statistically, post interview invite it is easier to get into DO/MD school than PA school. with PA school 900-4,000 qualified applicants apply, about 120 -400 interview for 18-97 seats. Most PA programs have 47-48 seats while only 4 have 97 seats- while there’s 260+ PA programs many more than DO programs the time required to accumulate clinical healthcare experience may set you back another year sooo the PA route might set you back another year.... there’s a bunch of qualified applicants that apply and being waitlisted post interview on the PA side almost guarantees reapplying.

if you’re waitlisted for the DO side it might work in your favor to write a LOI

your future whether DO or PA will be bright- the right door will open. you’re still super young- sky’s the limit!  feel free to msg me with any questions

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I won't presume to tell you which would be best for you.  However, I want to disabuse you of the notion that PA's have a better work/life balance that do the MD/DO's.  Your work life is largely determined by the area of medicine you practice.  I've done EM along with some UC and a little outpatient IM.  My hours were exactly the same to slightly worse than the doc's.  My compensation was/is way less, now up to ~ 45% of what the docs make.  When I'm working I have exactly the same productivity pressures that the docs have.  The only time I "had more time to spend with patients" was when I was performing a long procedure.

The only real difference is the up front cost and time of training.  You have to counterbalance that with the increased scope of practice, less supervisory hassle, and significantly increased compensation.  So, 2.5-3 years of post grad training for PA at a cost of $75-100K plus living cost vs 4 years med school plus 3-X years of residency & possible fellowship costing ~$40K/yr for med school, making mid $50's as resident, more if a fellow, and then real employment.  Working as a PA is better than working as a resident or fellow, and probably pays about 2-3X what the resident makes for working 1.5-2X the hours.  However, that changes to similar hours at 2x or more the pay once working as a doc.  Only the 2 of you can make that decision.

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