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Re-applying to PA programs with a unique situation - Chances?

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Hi everyone,

I was previously in a PA program back in 2018, however due to severe extenuating medical circumstances I had to withdraw after the first semester. Because I was trying to power through the first semester while dealing with the added stress of my medical condition, I didn't do amazing during my first semester of PA school. My program had let me defer enrollment for two semesters, but it wasn't enough time to figure out how to manage my condition so I had to withdraw completely.

Now after a few operations and medication management (two years later) - I feel ready to reapply to PA programs again. However, my GPA from that first semester of PA school was only around a 3.1 and my undergraduate GPA was around a 3.65. I have around 3,000hrs of PCE, 200hrs of volunteering and about 100hrs of shadowing. I was wondering if I would have a shot at being accepted to a program again? I know it's a unique circumstance and most PA programs would look down upon the fact that I withdrew the first time around.

TIA for any insight!

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Have you considered re-applying to the program you withdrew from? from the sounds of it, they were understanding of your circumstance and even offered to defer enrollment. They still may have the same faculty so applying to a program that already knows you might be helpful. And you might be able to get away with only "auditing" your first semester if you re-applied to it. I was in a somewhat similar situation,  I had to take a leave of absence after my first semester from my program. I didn't withdraw completely but was offered to come back and start with the next cohort. I had to "Audit" the semester that I had already completed so that the information was fresh in my mind after take a leave of absence (basically sit in class but not take any tests because I had already passed all the exams. Also I didn't have to pay tuition for auditing). Grading and paying tuition didn't start for me come my second semester with the next cohort. I'd say you have a good shot regardless. Best.

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This is only my first year applying, but I don't think anyone besides yourself and the admissions committee can give real input regarding your chances. Like you said, your situation is unique, and from what it sounds like, it doesn't seem like it should hinder a second acceptance. I definitely agree with @BLM8867, you should consider applying to the program you withdrew from, and I think it is very commendable to see somebody go through any form of hardship, turn around, come back and try again. Best of luck to you!

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