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Enlisted to PA Officer Recommendation

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I have a Bachelor in Biology and current enlisted airman in the Navy. I'm really confuse in my career. I'm 30 years old and I want to be a PA. My contract with the Navy ends on May 2021. I need some recommendations from the current PA's in the Navy. Did I extend my contract for 2 more years and try to advance to E5 or go Navy Reserve use my GI Bill? Thanks in advance.

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What would extending to become an E5 gain you? Unless you needed to extend your contract to reclassify into a medical role for the health care experience requirement (but there are likely quicker ways to gain that experience as a civilian than another 3 year enlistment). If you want to be a PA, apply to PA school. In your situation sounds like you'll have to go the civilian route anyway because I dont think the Navy has a PA program like Army/Air Force, but I could be wrong.

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Look into IPAP and see if you're eligible. If not than get out. Re/take pre-reqs as needed using Ch. 33. Apply to PA programs. Enlisting for another 2 years won't benefit you much. Programs are now taking younger grads with only scribe experience so extending an extra 2 years just to get your 5 won't be that helpful. You should have more than enough PCE. Work on cGPA and sGPA when you get out.

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