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Tips for Securing Derm job as a new grad

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Hello! I am a first year PA student ( rotations in 6 months) and I was searching the site, but cannot seem to find an updated or more thorough answer for securing derm jobs as a new grad, so I'll start a new topic for anyone with the same question. Derm is definitely a specialty I want to work in and gain more experience in, but outside of the elective rotation, its hard to find experience as a student, especially as it is already so competive. Thanks in advance for any advice !!! 

1) I attend school out of state, so how would I market myself to employers in states where I want to work?

2) How to enhance resume during rotations?

3) Should I apply for jobs around the end of my program 06/2021?

4) Would you recommend a fellowship following graduation? Or other ways of gaining experience?

5) Should I also consider cosmetics, plastics, etc to broaden my search?


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Derm is incredibly competitive and hard to get into, as I am sure you already know.  My best advice is to do excellent on your derm rotation and try to get a job there.  If that fails, be open to moving anywhere in the country to get the first few years of derm experience.  Just my two cents!

In my humble opinion, plastics is just as hard to get into so using it to get your foot in the door may not work.  But moving works- 3 people from my class who were determined to do derm got it -- but they had to move out of the area.  Two of them worked as derm medical assistants prior to PA school, which helps.

highly recommend a derm fellowship if you can get one.  I believe WI and PennState have programs, there is one at UMiami, but you have to pay to do it which seems wrong.  Hopefully there are others. Good Luck!

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